Male and female working professionals 25+ years old
Jean's Clean Team needed a responsive website that users could access from any device and that would allow them to book services. The client wanted a simple, clean design that conveyed the services she offered. 
1. Create information architecture
2. Establish branding
3. Redesign website, to gain more paying customers
Jean's Clean Team started out as Jean's Maid Services. Her website was outdated, hard to use, was not responsive, and was lacking in conversions. She really needed a modern, responsive website, that would help her gain more customers. In addition to her cleaning services, Jean also offers organizing services. As Jean was expanding her business, her website really need to be updated to reflect her service offering.
I worked directly with the client to gather requirements needed to start the project. I sent a questionnaire out that would provide me any details needed for the new website. The questions included, but were not limited to; information about target audience, elements to include on the website, what type of content to display, what was the main focus of the website, what was the overall goal of the website.
Step 1: 
After gathering initial requirements for the project, I researched the cleaning and organizing space. I noted down what I saw working for her competitors and what I found could be better. Jean was also rebranding at the time, so I worked closely with her to capture her new brand in a moodboard. I wanted to convey a simple design, with calming colors, and subtle textures. I chose not to use the traditional bright greens and whites so that her company stood out from her competitors.

Step 2:
I mapped out the architecture for the website and created wireframes to capture the general layout of the site. I worked closely with Jean to ensure the layout met her overall goals; 1. easy to get a quote, 2. easy to learn about her services, and 3. seeing what past client had to say. 
Step 3:
After receiving approvals, I worked on the high fidelity mock ups for the website. Once these were approved I hired a developer to help me develop a Wordpress theme of her website. Jean wanted the ability to add and edit content, She currently used Wordpress and was familiar with how to use that. So we decided to keep Wordpress.
 During this time, I also helped set up Jean's google analytics and helped write the keywords on her new site.
I wanted to make it easy for potential clients to get a quote and I wanted potential customers to learn more about the services through customer testimonials. From our research, we found these 2 things to be key in converting potential customers to paying customers. 
The client and customers reported being very happy with the new responsive website. Her current clientele loved the new website because they could view it from any of their devices. Jean reported an increase of 10% in bookings through her website and an increase of website traffic by as much as 25%.

Note: Since going live, the website may have changed from the initial designs.
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